How Often Should I Replace My Wiper Blades?  

Rainy days are perfect for staying in and cuddling in your nice, warm bed and getting nuzzled in a good book. Unfortunately, for most of us we can't spend all day relaxing and listening to the sound of rain hitting the sidewalk. So we hop in our cars with our rain boots on and umbrellas in hand to travel to our various responsibilities. Our car's wipers allow us to have better visibility during inclement weather, but as they wear down we may not have the ability to see out of our front windshield. So how often should you change your wiper blades to prevent that from happening?


Experts say that replacing wiper blades twice a year is best, but recommend to change them at least once a year. The best time to replace wiper blades is once in the spring and once in the fall. During the winter months your wiper blades are used to scrape snow, sleet and hail. This can break down the rubber compound that makes up the wiper blade. Experts say to replace your blades in the fall because during the summer they can dry up in the heat of the sun. One common sign blades need to be replaced is when they fray at the edges or fold underneath. You will start to see streaking as they wipe the moisture from the windshield or even large gaps where no water is being removed. 

You can extend the life of your wiper blades by regularly washing your car and wiping down the rubber on the blade with a clean rag that has been wetted with washer fluid, this removes the dirt that can cause your wiper blades to nick. Remember it's important to change your blades at least once a year to prevent limited visibility during inclement weather.  



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