12/21/2016 - Why Hopewell?

The second that you walk through the doors of Hopewell Tire & Auto Repair, Jeremy greets you with a smile. Jeremy believes in giving each individual who walks through the door service that goes above and beyond expectation. Not long ago, Jeremy stood on the other side of the counter. Before working at Hopewell Tire & Auto Repair, Jeremy was a longtime customer.

Jeremy came to Hopewell whenever he needed his vehicle serviced. When asked why he kept coming back, he responded:

"I came to Hopewell because they were honest. I mean, if they quoted me $1,000 for a job that turned out to be a $200 fix, they charged me $200. They could've charged me $1,000 and made some more money, but they didn't. That's just the kind of people that they are; they're honest. That's why I came here. Other places just don't do that."

Jeremy fell in love with one of our founding principles: honesty. At Hopewell Tire & Auto Repair, we work hard to build relationships with each individual. Unlike other auto service establishments, we create an open, honest, and trusting environment so that each vehicle receives the best service possible. We want you to leave feeling confident and knowledgeable about your vehicle.

Jeremy now has the opportunity to become a part of that process. He makes sure that each person feels welcomed when they enter the building. He ensures that they are comfortable if they choose to wait in our cozy waiting area. When a customer gets ready to leave, Jeremy makes sure that they leave with every question answered.

Being a former customer makes Jeremy's customer service superior. Feel free to ask him any time: Why Hopewell? Discover the Hopewell Advantage through the eyes of a former customer himself. 

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