Wheel Balancing

When your ride runs rough and bumpy, unbalanced wheels could be the cause. A wheel becomes unbalanced when one section of the tire weighs more than another section of the tire. The asymmetrical weight distribution causes the tire to hop and wobble down the road. Most people feel the seat and steering wheel vibrate when their wheels need to be balanced, and the vibrations usually increase with speed. While causing a bumpy, uncomfortable ride, out-of-balance tires also cause greater issues.

Strong vibration from unbalanced wheels shakes the seat and steering wheel. Depending on the amount of vibration, the vehicle could be difficult to control. Unbalanced tires also decrease your vehicle's fuel economy. However, unbalanced wheels have the greatest affect on the tires. When wheels become unbalanced, other sections of the tire wear down faster as they take on a greater amount of stress. Unbalanced wheels have a greater likelihood of going flat and leaving you stranded.

Having balanced wheels creates a smooth ride and decreases the likelihood of having a flat tire. To balance wheels, we use a machine that locates the heavier part of the tire. A technician then mounts a weight on the opposite side to compensate for the heavier weight.

In the photos, the technician mounts the wheel to the machine. When the tire is balanced, the machine reads 0.0. This wheel was then mounted on a large Jeep Wrangler.

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