Over time, everything experiences wear and tear, especially when used daily. Most people cannot say that they do not use a vehicle at least once a day. We rely so heavily on our vehicles to get us where need to go, and we often take our vehicle running whenever we want for granted. The day that our vehicles experience mechanical trouble, we realize how much that we rely on them.

What Does a Tune-Up Do?

A tune-up acts like a little pick-me-up to reenergize the engine and keep it running efficiently for a longer period of time. A tune-up includes replacing components such as spark plugs, spark plug wires, rotor and or distributor caps, fuel filters, air filters, the PCV valve and breather filter, and other components depending on the make and model of the vehicle. Replacing worn and aging components helps the vehicle run easier and smoother, so a tune-up focuses on performance components to make the engine run as efficiently as possible. After a tune-up, the driver should notice a significant difference in how the vehicle drives.

When Do I Need to Get a Tune-Up?

A vehicle in need of a tune-up may experience difficulty starting the engine, less horsepower, knocking in the engine, and decreased fuel mileage. Vehicles exhibiting these symptoms should consider a tune up. Tune-ups improve the starting time, fuel efficiency, running of the engine, and allow the engine to perform at its optimal level. Most vehicles require tune ups every 50,000 – 60,000 miles. However, the exact time the vehicle should receive a tune-up depends on the vehicle's make and model. Maintaining a regular tune-up schedule ensures that your engine performs at its best longer.

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