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In additional to providing excellent auto repair services, Hopewell Tire is the place in Athens for vehicle tires.  We install, rotate, balance, and repair tires in all makes and models.  We believe that providing you with a set of tires isn't where our job stops.  We want to walk with you through the life of the tires and your car or truck.  Just like a doctor who gets to know you personally and can tell what's normal for you, we get to know your car and can provide the best service possible if we are familiar with all aspects of the vehicle and how you use it.

Tire Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make my tires last longer?

The three keys to long even tire wear are proper tire inflation, proper wheel alignment, and regular tire rotating and balancing.

Why does my car pull to the right when I'm driving?

This could indicate an alignment problem. Running into a curb or driving over a pothole can cause this type of issue. Driving your car for long periods of time when it is out of alignment causes your tires to wear unevenly. Having the alignment checked regularly will help extend the life of your tires. Come by for a free 31-point vehicle inspection to make sure everything is ALWAYS good to go!

What makes one type of tire better than another?

The DOT requires the manufacturers to grade passenger car tires based on three performance factors: Tread wear, traction, and temperature resistance. Let one of our friendly staff help you decide which is right for you. 

Why do my tires wear unevenly?

Improper air pressure can cause tires to wear unevenly. Checking your tire pressure frequently, especially when there has been a drastic temperature change, can not only extend the life of your tires but improve your gas mileage as well. Uneven wear in the tire tread can reduce the tires ability to grip the road properly in bad weather conditions, causing you to get in an accident. Hopewell Tire and Auto Service in Athens GA will check the air pressure in your tires for free to help keep you safe!

How often should I have my tires rotated?

Rotating your tires regularly will help ensure a more uniform wear on the tread of your tires. You can refer to your owner’s manual for specific recommendations as to the frequency. Hopewell Tire and Auto Service in Athens, GA will rotate and balance your tires for free with tire purchase. 

How do I know when to replace my tires?

If the tread on your tires gets too low, your car can hydroplane or slide off the road in adverse weather conditions. Uneven wear can cause a tire to go flat before it is time. To check your tread, you can do the penny test. Simply take a penny with Abe Lincoln's head pointing down. If your tread is below Lincoln's head (approx. 2/32 of an inch) then its ability to grip the road properly in poor weather conditions is reduced and the tire should be replaced. You should check your tires for uneven wear or damage on a monthly basis.

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