Tires - How to Check My Tires & When is It Time for New Ones

Tire maintenance is important for your vehicle. Letting your tires get too low can damage the tire and even put you in danger on the road. Implementing routine tire maintenance for your vehicle is crucial for ensuring longevity and stability. At Hopewell Tire & Auto Repair, we understand the importance of proper maintenance. Whether you drive a Honda Civic or an F-250, tire rotation should be included in your vehicle service schedule. We want to ensure your tires are always up to date and you have peace of mind every time you get in your vehicle.
Tires are the only contact point between your vehicle and the road. So it's important to take care of them. Check your tires regularly to ensure they are wearing at the same rate, maintain proper tire pressure, and always follow the manufacturer's recommended tire rotation dates for your specific model year car or truck. In addition, keep a helpful emergency roadside kit in your vehicle to help you with any minor tire issues that might arise during your travels—like a manually operated tire pump or a tire plug kit. 
You can use your spare wheel to help you get safely home or to a place of repair so you can properly assess the situation. They are a very useful and practical alternative to inflator kits or sealants, which require some expertise to operate and can damage your tires if used improperly.
In addition, your vehicle's tires are a vital part of your vehicle's suspension system, providing a cushion between your wheels and the road. This cushion enables you to stop suddenly or take corners easily. If your tires are worn down - or if you need new ones - the following information may help you choose the right ones for your vehicle.
Are your tires wearing out prematurely? Low tire pressure contributes to premature tire wear. With a good tire gauge, you can monitor your tire pressure and stop potential hazards like blowouts and accidents.
Another thing to note is that it's very common for the tire air pressure to change between seasons. For example, the air in your tires may change between winter and summer. While the air outside your car may feel the same from season to season, it's a very different mixture of gases.
Over a year, your tires might need more air to stay inflated. The exact amount will depend on the weather and how you drive. If you find yourself in need of air, come on by our shop, and we'll help you get some.

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