Tires - How Season Affect Pressure and Other Good Things to Know

Keeping your tires at the recommended psi (pounds per square inch) during each season can mean the difference between a smooth, safe drive and one that's bumpy and uncomfortable. Also, everyone knows the importance of having good tires for the winter weather. However, you may not realize that tire pressure affects a vehicle's gas mileage just as much in summer as it does in winter. When we talk about air pressure, we refer to how much air is inside a tire. The amount of air will change as temperatures change.

The air in your tires makes contact with the ground, absorbing the heat from the road or direct sunlight. So in winter, when the surrounding temperature is cold, most of that heat is absorbed by the air inside your tires. As a result, air pressure in your tires drops as you drive. In summer, researchers have discovered that temperature changes affect tire pressure much less since more radiation energy passes through a tire than an equivalent air volume due to the higher density of rubber than air.
One of the most important things you can do is ensure your tires are in good shape. Tires that are too worn can affect your gas mileage, increase your risk of accidents, and cause damage to the environment. At least once a month (if not more often), we recommend that you check your tires' overall condition - tread, walls, and valves.
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