Why Can't You Patch/ Plug My Tire?

Over the years, the automotive industry has garnered a general distrust from the public, and unfortunately, some auto repair shops in existence have earned that distrust. Honest and trusting relationships are so important in the automotive industry because a consumer must trust their automotive repair and care providers to provide fair, quality work on their vehicles. We all hate to spend money on things that we do not really want or need, and we fear being taken advantage of by salespeople trying to up their numbers. 

We see a lot of tires come through our shop in need of repair or replacement. We can always tell when someone had a bad experience elsewhere when they give us a quizical look when we say," I'm sorry. Unfortunately, we cannot patch or plug your tire. It really needs to be replaced." The truth is that some tires are beyond repair, and trying to patch or plug them would be unethical and violate auto safety guidelines.

Here are some of the most important questions that we ask when deciding whether a tire needs repair or replacement:

1. Where is the puncture? 

The puncture in the tire must be in the center of the tire's tread area. If the puncture is in the shoulder or the sidewall, then the tire cannot be repaired. Tires have cords that run around the tread of the tire, which makes contact with the road. In the sidewall of the tire, there are no cords, which means that the patch will not hold, and the tire will continue to leak.

If we did try to patch or plug a sidewall, the tire would not perform up to manufacturer standards, which compromises the overall safety of the vehicle and its passengers. Compromising the performance of the tire means increasing the potential for blowouts and serious injury. We care about your safety, so patching or plugging your tire in an unsuitable place is not an option. 

2. How is the puncture's shape?

Straight or jagged gashes in the tire cannot be repaired and must be replaced. Cuts in the tire indicate that the tire's belts have been damaged, which reduces the overall strength and durability of the tire. A patch cannot fix the tire's belts.

3. What is the puncture's size?

The automotive industry does not allow anyone to repair punctures over 1/4" in diameter (6mm). Large holes are more difficult to seal than smaller ones. The larger the puncture, the more compromised the tire and the greater likelihood of future leaks. 

3. What is the tire's current condition?

Repairing an old, worn-out tire is only delaying the inevitable. Tires worn down to the treadware indicators or with only 2/32-inch remaining should never be repaired because the risk of tire blowout is already very high. 

4. Are there any other injuries to the tire?

Multiple tire punctures and previous repairs weakens the tire. Punctures too close together or directly across from each other cannot be repaired. Attempting to make these repairs would cause weak spots in the tire that would place the drivers and passengers at risk.

5. What does the manufacturer say?

Some tire manufacturers have specific guidelines in how to address tire repairs. Tire manufacturers usually limit the number of times that a tire can be repaired and determine if a tire can be repaired at all. Knowing the manufacturer details allows us to make sure that your tire can be safely repaired or if the tire should be replaced.Compromising your tire's performance means compromising your vehicle's safety.

At Hopewell Tire & Auto Repair, you matter. We make sure that your vehicle runs safely and smoothly before you leave our garage, and patching a tire that should not be repaired means putting your life at risk. We pride ourselves on placing people first, and we encourage everyone to ask questions to become knowledgable about our processes and why we recommend the services that we do. If you ever feel unsure, just ask one of our service technicians up front. They are happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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