Why Shouldn't I Grab a Bottle of Stop Leak for My AC?

Georgia always keeps us guessing what the weather will actually be like. A teeth-chattering, toe-numbing morning can warm up to a mild and warm afternoon. We find ourselves flipping the heat to air-conditioning dial in our vehicles from morning to afternoon, just to keep up with the outside temperature that minute. Now is the time when we start paying attention to the air-conditioning that has been neglected all winter long. Unfortunately, you may find that your AC does not run as efficiently as last summer.  

From a Quick "Fix" to a Huge Headache

When drivers discover that their air conditioning does not run like it used to, they immediately conclude that there must be a leak in the air conditioning system (which there might be). So, they purchase refrigerant with Stop Leak, and they hope that the problem will solve itself. Spending a couple of dollars to fix the air conditioning system sounds preferable to going to a garage full of certified technicians. However, Stop Leak can do more harm than good in an air-conditioning system.

Why is Stop Leak Bad?

Stop Leak contains extra additives and chemicals to stop leaks within an air-conditioning system. When adding the refrigerant and Stop leak, consumers cross their finger and hope that the chemicals will do all of the work for them. However, these chemicals can harm the system and only cause a temporary solution to larger problems. While consumers believe that the Stop Leak helps their vehicle, many auto parts manufacturers disagree. Many air conditioning parts manufacturers believe that pure refrigerant, without any extra additives, should be the only chemicals flowing through the air conditioning.



    Stop Leak vs. the Condenser

One component often damaged by the use of Stop Leak is the condenser. The condenser acts similarly to a radiator and removes heat from the refrigerant as it travels through the air conditioning system. The refrigerant must flow through the tiny holes in the condenser, which can be affected by Stop Leak chemicals. If Stop Leak causes sufficient damage to the condenser, then the condenser could wear out, affecting the whole air conditioning system. When one component fails in the air conditioning system, the rest often fall like dominoes.


How Hopewell Can Help

We believe that a good old-fashioned inspection is the best way to determine problems in the air conditioning system. Our auto technicians can easily locate leaks and failing components in your air condition system so that you know the exact problem and its location in your system. Stop Leak cannot diagnose anything. We offer free air conditioning inspections to make sure that every component functions properly within the system. Know the problem in your AC and how to resolve the issue correctly.

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