Does your steering wheel make a whining noise when you turn the wheel? Is it more difficult then usual to turn the steering wheel? The problem is your power steering system. Manufacturers recommend changing your power steering fluid every 30,000 miles as preventative maintenance for your car. Replacing the power steering fluid is cheap and can be done quickly, however if you neglect to do that it can affect the power steering pump which is a much more costly and timely repair. 

If you're hearing a screech, squeal or a whine these sounds usually indicate a lose belt, a bad pump, or low power steering fluid. One of our mechanics can take a look and quickly determine the issue. Don't ignore a small problem that can turn into a bigger one, have us check it out and diagnose the issue! If it is the power steering pump that is bad you will also notice an increase in the degree of effort needed to turn the wheel. Fluid leaks and difficulty centering the wheel may also be indicators of a bad pump.

Low power steering fluid can also cause groaning while turning the wheel. An adequate fuel refill will cure this problem. To check and refill the fuel level, locate the resevoir cylinder located under the hood. Refer to your car manual and check the fluid levels. If it is below the requisite levels, it's time to replenish the resevoir. Make sure to buy the appropriate fluid recommended for your car model and fill up the resevoir to the appropriate level. Make sure to tighten the cap firmly. This should erase the issue if lubrication was the cause of the noise. 

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