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Luke Turner

Luke Turner started his professional career as an ASE Certified Technician with the dream of running his own garage. With hard work and dedication, Luke's willingness to learn and grow afforded him the opportunity to become the owner of Hopewell Tire & Auto Repair. He believed in creating an open and honest environment dedicated to building real, lasting relationships with everyone who walks through Hopewell Tire & Auto Repair's doors. You can see Luke's big heart in all of the accommodations that he offers as part of the Hopewell Tire & Auto Repair experience. However, his big heart is most evident outside of the garage.

Luke genuinely cares about his community, and he always looks to extend a helping hand. He believes in giving back and has found worthy causes to stand behind within the Athens area. Luke volunteers with the Northeast Georgia Food bank to help end the visible hunger in Athens, Georgia. Knowing many people affected by cancer, he volunteers with the American Cancer Society to help find a cure for this often deadly disease. Seeing the problems people with disabilities face, Luke decided to become involved with Hope Haven, an organization dedicated to helping individuals with developmental disabilities obtain a career, and he currently holds the vice president position within the organization. He encourages all of his employees to get involved in the community and become advocates for causes that they feel passionate about.

Meet Our Service Technician


The other smiling face in the front is Alex. Alex has loved cars since he was a child and constantly found himself drawn to the roar of an engine. His passion for vehicles led him to Hopewell Tire & Auto Repair, where he could constantly surround himself with the machines that he fell in love with. 

Alex works hard to make sure that everyone leaves satisfied with the work completed by Hopewell Tire & Auto Repair. He enjoys spending extra time with customers to make sure that they understand the problem and corrective service on their vehicles. Alex happily guides customers to select the best components to get the performance that they desire from their vehicles. He believes that quality matters, and he makes sure that each person leaves with a quality auto care experience.


Meet the Auto Technicians


If you ever have any questions about a vehicle, talk to Bil. Bil's friendly personality makes conversation easy, and he has a way of making even the most difficult concepts simple to grasp with his expert analogies. While most auto technicians surround you with crazy technical terms, Bil simplifies everything and makes concepts relatable. Bil's expert experience and fun personality makes him a joy to work with in the garage.

Bil has been working on vehicles for over 38 years and has serviced vehicles in garages throughout the Southeast. He earned his Senior Master status through Ford and currently holds numerous certifications such as Toyota certificates and Chrysler certificates that he obtained throughout his long career. Bil has been ASE certified for over 30 years and has claimed his Master Technician status. He has his L1 ASE certification, which means that Bil specializes in Auto Advanced Engine Performance. Bil’s extensive knowledge and quality performance makes him a wonderful addition to the Hopewell Tire & Auto Repair team.

When you meet Bil, you can see his passion and knowledge about automobiles right away. He always strives to do more and continuously grows his knowledge through various automotive classes because Bil believes that you can never stop learning to be better. After you get to know Bil, only three things surpass his love for cars: his love for his wife, his love for his grandchildren, and his love of good food.



Danny is one of the most genuine and sincere people that you will ever meet. His laid back personality makes him easy to get along with, and he always gives his honest opinion. Danny never minds taking a moment out of his day to help someone out or crack a joke. Danny's work ethic, sense of humor, and willingness to help anyone in any way that he can makes a day at work seem more like a fun hobby instead of an actual job.

Danny has been tinkering with vehicles all of his life. However, Danny has been working on cars professionally for around 8 years. He specializes in Steering and Suspension and Brakes. However, he currently holds several AC Delco certifications. Danny has worked on everything from small, compact vehicles to Big Rigs. He has worked in several garages within the southeast, and some of the most recent include Tires Plus and Just Brakes. Danny's helpfulness makes him the perfect fit to work at Hopewell Tire & Auto Repair.

We love Danny's willingness to assist others in the garage. Danny has no problem dropping what he is doing to help someone out, and he truly embodies the team spirit and mentality. Danny doesn't mind hard work, and he actually enjoys getting his hands dirty. When Danny isn't working on cars, you can find him tending to his small farm on the outskirts of Athens, Georgia.


Rusty expressed interest in cars at a very early age when he lived in New York. His father owned a Greyhound Automotive Shop, where Rusty gained all of his knowledge about cars. One of his earliest memories was of his father picking him up from kindergarten and taking him straight to the shop to begin his journey with cars.

Rusty and his father eventually owned their own Greyhound Shop where they worked together for over 10 years. Rusty is constantly looking for opportunities to learn more in order to become a better mechanic. He is always up for a challenge and loves to learn about the constantly changing field of auto mechanics. Rusty always makes sure that a car receives the proper services and care so that the driver can ride safely out on the road because he believes that every customer should feel taken care of when they leave Hopewell Tire & Auto Repair.

Rusty grew up and lived in New York most of his adult life, but finds that the south is a different way of life. He enjoys the quiet and slower pace in Georgia and plans to settle down here. Rusty loves live, acoustic music so he fits in well here in Athens. He loves all things all things adrenaline and is a total goofball which makes working in the shop with him a pleasure.




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