Fuel Injectors

The engine of a vehicle requires three different key ingredients in order to power the vehicle and create enough rotation for the wheels to move. Inside an engine, the process of internal combustion allows the engine to power the vehicle. Internal combustion results from the mixture of gas, oxygen and heat created by the spark plugs within an engine's cylinders. One of the most important components in the process of internal combustion are the fuel injectors. The fuel injectors spray a fine mist of gasoline directly into the engines intake manifold and supplies the gasoline needed for internal combustion to commence. The mist sprayed by the fuel injectors allows the engine to use the gas more effectively than if it were in droplet form, which means that less gas is wasted in the process of internal combustion. An old, failing fuel injector inhibits an engines optimal performance and will not provide the cylinder with enough gasoline to function properly.

Signs of a failing fuel injector could include:

  • Poor engine performance
  • Decreased fuel efficiency 
  • Rough idle 
  • Issuses starting car
  • Inability to reach full RPMs
  • Fuel leaks near the engine
  • Check engine light on 

If a vehicle exhibits any of the symptoms listed above, the vehicle should recieve immediate attention from a trained professional. Fuel injectors are an essential part of the engine. Without them, the correct amount of fuel will not be delivered from the fuel tank to the engine, and internal combustion will not occur properly. Fuel injectors typically last between 50,000-100,000 miles.  



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