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Ford, established in 1903, is the second largest automobile manufacturer in the United States and one of the largest automobile manufacturers globally. Established in 1903 in Michigan, the over one hundred year old company precedes most automotive companies. Although Ford did not invent the automobile, Ford made the automobile accessible. Fords have a long, rich history of providing the American public with affordable, reliable vehicles.  When people buy Fords, people buy a piece of American history and future.

At Hopewell Tire, we enjoy working on Ford vehicles - from oil changes and routine service to detailed repairs, we handle them all. Fords bring a nostalgia feeling to current and futuristic technology, and you should expect nothing less from your auto care service provider. At Hopewell Tire & Auto Repair, we embrace technology, yet we love maintaining a retro/ historical feel to the automotive industry. While dealerships pack their facilities with futuristic designs and novelties, we pay homage to the past and make you feel at home in our shop. Grab a complementary drink from our vintage coke cooler, and flip through the channels on the flat screen television. Curl up in our leather chairs, enjoy the complementary Wi-Fi, and look at the history on our walls. Grab a cup of coffee while gazing at the vintage oil cans on the shelf above.

While you admire our tribute to the past, we will make sure that your Ford service is far from outdated. All of our auto technicians are ASE certified and must adhere to the ASA code of conduct because the best service begins with the best employees. With the latest high-tech diagnostic tools, our auto technicians can locate and fix any components in your Ford quickly. When we finish, we will make sure to answer any lingering questions so that you can leave satisfied. We feel so confident in our Ford repairs that we offer a 3 year/ 36,000 mile warranty on all of our repairs.

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