Why Should I Get a Fluid Flush?

If it isn't broke, we don't fix it. We don't think to have our oil changed every 5,000 miles, and we don't think to routinely change the air filters. We are often guilty of ignoring our vehicle's warning lights or sounds of distress because the car still gets from point A to point B just fine. We live busy lives, and we often do not want to take time out of our day for car maintenance. However, when we ignore the signs and don't regularly maintain our vehicles, more expensive damage often occurs. 

When people think about car maintenance, an oil change or a tune up immediately comes to mind. They often forget about all of the other fluids vital to the functioning of their vehicle. The air conditioning, brakes, cooling, steering, transmission, and wheel differential systems contain fluid to allow the components within the system to work efficiently.  Fluid constantly travels throughout the various mechanical systems within a vehicle to keep all of the moving parts lubricated, cool, and clean. Over time, the fluids within the vehicle collect dirt, dust, and other debris which causes the rapid deterioration of the components within that system and can clog the system altogether. 

 Regular fluid flushes ensure that a system within a vehicle runs smoothly and efficiently. A fluid flush cleans the system by removing all of the old fluid and the contaminants collected in order to replenish the system with new fluid. Vehicles run the most efficiently with new fluid flowing throughout their various systems. Ultimately, the best time to receive a fluid flush depends on the year, make, and model of the vehicle. However, we provide a general list of recommended intervals on our fluid flushes page. Fluid flushes pay off in the long run because they ensure that the vehicle performs optimally, and they protect a vehicle from potential damage due to improper fluid condition. 

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