Engine Air Filter

The engine air filter protects the engine from contaminants such as dust, dirt, and other road debris. Without an engine air filter, the contaminants freely enter the engine and severely decrease the engine's life. Road debris and contaminants wreak havoc on an engine, causing physical damage and clogs in the engine's system. The engine air filter ultimately acts as a shield against damaging particles, which helps elongate an engine's overall life.

Over time, the engine air filter becomes littered with contaminants. A dirty air engine air filter can no longer block additional debris from entering the engine, and a less effective engine air filter causes the engine to work harder in order to achieve the same results. Because the engine must work harder, fuel efficiency suffers, and the vehicle has higher emissions. A new engine air filter protects the engine and keeps the engine running smooth.

Click the Filters tab to locate the Engine Air Filter.


When Should I Replace the Engine Filter?

When an engine air filter gets dirty, the entire engine system suffers and feels completely different. A dirty engine air filter reduces the power of the engine, causes weaker acceleration, decreases the throttle response, and causes a faster wear rate on the engine. The engine may sound unusual, misfire, or not start correctly. If the "Service Engine Soon" light come on or a gas smell fills the air when cranking the vehicle, then the engine air filter needs replacement. To avoid any symptoms of a bad engine air filter, the engine filter should receive replacement approximately every15,000 miles.

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