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At Hopewell Tire & Auto Repair, we genuinely care about each person who walks through our doors. We take care of our customers, and we make sure that everyone hits the road in a safe, reliable vehicle. At the end of each service, we perform a free inspection of the vehicle so that you know about all of the potential failures and hazards that you could face while on the road. You should always know the current condition of your vehicle, and Hopewell Tire & Auto Repairs strives to keep you aware and informed. Here are the components that we thoroughly inspect before returning the vehicle to you.  

Checked Under the Hood:

-          Condition of the Accessory Drive Belts

-          Condition of Transmission Fluid

-          Condition of Coolant

-          Condition of Radiator and Hoses

-          Condition of Heater Hoses

-          Condition of Battery & Terminals

-          Condition of Battery Cables

-          Condition of Tune-Up Components

-          Condition of Filters (Air, Fuel, Cabin AF & PCV)

-          Condition of Intake System/ Throttle Body

-          Condition of Engine Oil

-          Headlights & Adjustment

-          Headlight Visibility

-          Lights (Brake, Tail, Turn Signals, etc.)

-          Condition of Wiper Blades

Checked by Removing Tires & Wheels:

-          Tire Condition

-          Alignment

-          Steering & Suspension Components

-          Rack & Pinion, Pump, Hoses, & Power Steering Fluid

-          -Braking Linings/ Calipers

-          Emergency Brake

-          Brake Hydraulic System & Fluid

-          Rotors/ Drums

Checked by Doing an Under Vehicle Inspection:

-          Axle Shafts & Boots/ U-Joints

-          Condition of Shocks

-          Condition of Struts

-          Condition of Exhaust System

-          Condition of Exhaust Pipes & Hangers

-          Engine Leaks

-          Transmission Leaks

-          Differential Fluid Condition/ Leaks

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