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When most people think about having their vehicle serviced at Hopewell Tire & Auto Repair, they think about oil changes, fluid flushes, car repairs, and other traditional auto maintenance and repair services. We love providing these services for the people of Athens, Georgia; however, we also love breaking the mold of a typical auto repair garage. We have serviced all types of vehicles over the years, but most people do not know that we have also serviced trailers.

This week at Hopewell Tire & Auto Repair, we had the opportunity to service a horse trailer. We often work on trailers, and we have replaced the tires and provided a spare for this particular trailer before. However, this week we installed a back-up camera and an interior camera so that the driver can easily back the trailer and see the horses in the interior.


A back-up camera increases the visibility at the rear of the trailer. The wider sight range allows the driver to easily maneuver the big horse trailer in reverse and increases the overall safety of the driver, the passengers, the horses, and the people around the trailer. The camera in the interior of the trailer allows the driver to check on the horses while driving to the destination. So, if the driver hears unexpected noises from the trailer, the driver can switch the camera on to check on the horses without needing to pull over.

The auto technician who performed the service, Danny, felt personally tied to the work done because he also owns horses. He knows what a pain it can be to back up a horse trailer, and he came up with the idea to have a camera checking on the babies/ horses inside. Danny was excited to help the owner of the horse trailer transport her beloved horses with ease. With the addition of the two cameras on the horse trailer, we feel peace of mind knowing that the driver and the horses will be safe on their journey.

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