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The South is known for its long, hot summers. In the middle of the summer, temperatures often exceed 90° and the interior of a vehicle can reach triple digits and feel more like an oven. While heat from the environment creates heat in the cabin, heat from the engine and its parts creates heat in the cabin as well.  The air conditioning system in a vehicle makes the ride comfortable for the driver by cooling and reducing the humidity in the cabin as the temperature rises. 

How you'r air conditioning Works

Refrigerant, often referred to as the popular brand Freon™, is one of the most important fluids in the air conditioning system to keep the cabin cool. The compressor in the air conditioning system places the refrigerant under pressure and circulates the refrigerant throughout the cooling system. Once pressurized, the refrigerant turns to gas and passes through the condensor, which cools the refrigerant gas back into a liquid. The expansion valve depressurizes the system and allows the refrigerant to expand and cool. At this point, the system changes from high to low pressure as the system moves from hot to cold. The accumulator/ dryer removes all liquid within the refrigerant until it changes into a gas so that the system does not freeze up. The exaporator then pulls the refrigerant into a vacuum to become cold while absorbing heat and mositure from the cabin. The blower motor drives air through the cabin’s heating and air conditioning system. The driver should then feel cool air blowing. 

An Air Conditioning Never Actually Cools. 

An air conditioning system does not actually cool anything. Instead, the air conditioning system works to use pressure to remove heat. The air conditioning system works to pressurize and depressurize refrigerant. Pressurizing a substance adds heat to a substance while depressurizing removes heat from a substance. Depressurizing refrigerant allows the refrigerant to be cool, and removing the moisture and warm air from the cabin keeps the driver and passengers cool.  


Air Conditioning Components


Air Conditioning Problems

The Black Death

The Black Death occurs when the refrigerant begins to break down inside the compressor. It received the name "The Black Death” because the refrigerant turns a black color and causes severe damage in the A/C system. Refrigerant plays a similar role to oil in the engine. Without the fluid lubricating the system, components begin to suffer. When the refrigerant breaks down, then the compressor is the first component to endure rapid damage. Metal and other particles from the damaged compressor then travel through the remainder of the A/C system. The abrasion causes damage in other parts of the air conditioning system, sometimes even affecting multiple components. The Black Death causes severe, expensive damage to the A/C system.

The Black Death can be prevented. The Black Death begins with refrigerant breaking down in the A/C system, and regular fluid flushes remove the old fluid so that new fluid can take its place. Replacing the refrigerant avoids the Black Death and expensive repairs that result.

Weak Airflow

 Weak air flow does nothing to stop the sweating in the sweltering heat of summer. Several factors may play a role in the overall aiflow in the A/C system:

  • A blower hose from that supplies air to the blower motor may have become loose over time.
  • The seals may be loose, which compromises the entire system. 
  • The ventillation fan no longer runs, so the air no longer flows well. 

My A/C Lost its Cool. 

You can't escape the heat of summer with hot air blowing in an oven-like cabin makes everyone uncomfortable. A lack of cold air in the A/C system could result from problems such as:

  • A refrigerant leak in the system due to a failed hose, o-ring, seal, or other component
  • A failed blower motor or resistor
  • Vacuum leaks 
  • A clogged expansion tube or refrigerant charging hose
  • A failed compressor
  • A damaged condensor or evaporator
  • A switch,fuse, control module, fuse, solenoid, or blend door problem

My A/C Starts Cold & Gets Warm. 

However, the A/C should not have a mind of its own; it should work when you want it to. Unfortunately, a variety

of problems causes the A/C to grow a mind of its own and decide when to be hot or cold:

  • A faulty compressor clutch may not allow the compressor to work correctly
  • A clogged expansion valve
  • A blown fuse may cause no power to the A/C system
  • Leaks in the air conditioning system

What is That Awful Smell?

A horrific smell coming from the air conditioning can be just as terrible as cranking up the A/C only to feel hot air blowing on your face. A few of the problems that are associated with a terrible odor coming from the air conditioner are:

  • Mold growing in the evaporator case due to a blocked drain
  • A clogged condensate line
  • Mold and bacteria rest within the air conditioning lines.

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