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Honda, Acura's parent company, introduced Acura to the United States in 1986. Due to Honda’s esteemed reputation, Acura immediately gained popularity with the American people. Today, the United States knows Acura to provide safe and reliable vehicles, and many people purchase an Acura as a family vehicle due to their reliability and safety features. Acura vehicles provide people with luxurious, affordable rides with peak performance so that families and individuals can be comfortable and stylish on the road. When choosing a vehicle, especially a family vehicle, safety and reliability rank the highest. The sleek, stylish body of an Acura is just an added bonus.  

You choose the best vehicle to service you and your loved ones, so why should you settle for less in your car care? At Hopewell Tire & Auto Repair, we genuinely care about our customers, and we believe that each vehicle should receive the best service available. We know that great service begins with our employees, so all of our auto technicians must complete ASE certification and adhere to the ASA code of ethics. We make sure to take care of you by hiring only the best to work on your Acura. At Hopewell Tire & Auto Repair, our facility contains all of the high-tech technology and equipment needed to service any Acura year and model, and our auto technicians are knowledgeable and well-versed in Acura repairs and maintenance practices. At the end of each service, our auto technicians complete a courtesy inspection to make sure that your Acura is safe and reliable on the road.

We offer complementary loaner vehicles when your Acura receives maintenance or repair so that you do not have to spend all day in the waiting room. If you choose to wait for your Acura, feel free to rest in the leather chairs, flip through magazines, turn the channel on the television, use the desktop available, or help yourself to a cup of coffee. Our team will have the key to your Acura in your hands as quickly as possible. Know that we feel so confident on our Acura repairs that we offer a 3 year/ 36,000 mile warranty.

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