It's Summer and It's Hot - Let's Talk About Air Conditioning

It’s worth noting that not all problems related to a car's air conditioning system are related to the system itself. Sometimes, if the air isn't coming out of the vents as it should, the problem can be as simple as a door not fully closing in front of the vent. Also, if a strange odor comes from your vents when your car's AC is on, bacteria buildup may be in your car's evaporator core. This can happen with long-term moisture accumulation inside the AC system and can be remedied by having an auto repair shop flush and disinfect your system using one of their high-tech tools, like an AC flush machine.

When we talk about the most important part of your car's air conditioning system, what is the first thing that comes to mind? The compressor? The condenser? How about the hoses? These components are all important, but none is more important than your car's receiver/dryer.

This tiny container is responsible for filtering and trapping the refrigerant in your A/C system. It also prevents moisture from entering and interacting with the other components of your A/C system. While it's a small part, it plays a very big role in ensuring that your A/C system works properly and lasts as long as possible. When you're ready to replace or upgrade your A/C system, get a new receiver/dryer to keep your system working properly.

Another critical part of your car air conditioning is the thermostat, which regulates the flow of coolant (a mixture of water and antifreeze) to your engine. It does this by opening and closing a valve that allows coolant to circulate only when needed. However, if your car's engine is running hot or overheating, it's possible that your thermostat has failed and is stuck open.

If your vehicle has been overheating, it may be time to replace the thermostat. The first step in diagnosing an overheating problem is to check the coolant level and ensure no leaks in your cooling system. If everything looks good, then you should check for symptoms like:

* High engine temperature - Your car may run hotter than normal because the thermostat is stuck open. This will cause excessive heat buildup in your engine compartment, which can cause damage to other parts such as belts or hoses; it also increases fuel consumption because more gas must be used to keep up with the cooling needs of an overheated engine.

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